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External Communications

What exactly is public relations? It is just as it sounds: Relating to the public/an audience. Sounds simple, but many companies, executives and brands today – both large and small – are poor communicators and thus constantly fail to be heard.


Public Relations is about figuring out who you want to know your name, why you want them to know you, how to reach them, and when and what to say to get them to pay attention.

We can help you put together comprehensive or short-term plans to get your message heard!

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Media Relations

Media relations lives within public relations. The media – TV, radio, print and online media outlets - are a means to an end.  Coverage can help you reach your target audience(s), build brand recognition and bolster your overall company image. It can help to present you as an issue authority – or not.


Communicating well to members of the media is vital. You must be concise, compelling and timely if you have any hope of even being considered a useful source or story.  Reporters are your friends – but they don’t exist to serve you. They only care about what you have to say if you are relevant, current and newsworthy.  Otherwise, you are a waste of time. We can help you define and refine your message (= your story), reach the right reporters and even secure some coverage.


Never seen your name/company name in print? Let us help you change that.

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At One Stone PR, our motto is “Words Matter” because what you say and how you say it can make all the difference. We have a knack for sifting through the weeds – pages and pages of content, thousands of projects and business departments and areas of leadership – to find your compelling story. We can help you determine the best messages to convey and the right tools to use (press releases, op-eds, LTEs, media advisories, one pagers, messaging guides, executive speeches and presentations, video scripts, and more).

We’ll get it down on paper for you.

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Is it your first interview opportunity on radio or national TV? Or do you just need a quick refresher? We have worked with CEOs, executives, laymen, business department heads and Marketing Managers to help train and prepare them for various media opportunities and presentations.

Let us help you master your next interview – be it for a local print story or a nationally syndicated news program.

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